MP3 tags

I wanna put diff pics (band, label logotype etc) in my mp3s usin idv3 tags. how do I do that?

I wanna directly edit the code. i found the an example at

<Header for ‘Attached picture’, ID: "APIC">
Text encoding   $xx
MIME type       <text string> $00
Picture type    $xx
Description     <text string according to encoding> $00 (00)
Picture data    <binary data>

But there is no link where I can download code editor.

Please help, I eager to know this!!

Gotta try man, thx

I cannot attach pics directly, the way I want:

$00     Other
$01     32×32 pixels ‘file icon’ (PNG only)
$02     Other file icon
$03     Cover (front)
$04     Cover (back)
$05     Leaflet page
$06     Media (e.g. lable side of CD)
$07     Lead artist/lead performer/soloist
$08     Artist/performer
$09     Conductor
$0A     Band/Orchestra
$0B     Composer
$0C     Lyricist/text writer
$0D     Recording Location
$0E     During recording
$0F     During performance
$10     Movie/video screen capture
$11     A bright coloured fish
$12     Illustration
$13     Band/artist logotype
$14     Publisher/Studio logotype

PLS PLS Got any ware?

I don’t wanna attach 1 fcuin general cover pic